Celebrating Our Mothers

WE WANT TO TAKE A MOMENT TO RECOGNIZE an important figure in all of our lives—our mothers!

We’re grateful for all of the time, attention, and care our mothers provide for us throughout our upbringing and beyond. The positive impact they have is immeasurable and we want to express what they mean to us this Mother’s Day.

What We Love About Our Moms

From Candyce: One of my favorite memories of my mother was when we went to Las Vegas for my 21st birthday. That’s when my mother and I really connected and bonded.

From Rebecca: What I love most about my mom is how much we laugh when we are together. We can just be silly and stupid around each other.

From Kelli: I love how selfless my mom is. I remember growing up how she would make our Saturday laundromat days such a blast. Letting us run around, paying arcade games and getting snacks down the street.

From The Mothers On Our Team… What Do You Love Most About Being A Mom? 

From Rebecca: Seeing how happy my kids are. They always find the joy in the littlest things.

Kelli: The daily rewards of hugs and kisses from them. Its good thing to look forward to everyday.

Therese: Waking up everyday to see my kids smiling faces. It just fills my heart with joy to see those faces everyday. Being a mother is one of the greatest gifts life has to offer.

Mothers, We Appreciate You!

Whether your mom lives near or far, show her how grateful you are for her this Mother’s Day. To all you moms out there, THANK YOU!

Have any great stories about your awesome mom or an amazing motherly figure in your life? Post it in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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